The Fundamentals of Quality for Long Term Care

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Resource Materials - Books about F-Tags and Interpretive Guidelines

Book:  The Fundamentals of Quality for Long Term Care Part 1.
Author Nora J. Wellington and Alicia A. Creighton-Allen

The Fundamentals of Quality for LTC, Part 1 is an easy-to-read book that gives staff the F-Tags, as well as the Centers fro Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Interpretive Guidance to Surveyors. This is a comprehensive monitoting tool for all disciplines to use in an interdisciplinary format. It covers the Federal Long Term Care Regulations 42 CFR 483.10 Resident Rights through 483.20 Resident Assessment. This is such a practical tool that staff can utilize routinely for ongoing monitoring purposes and for quick reference guide. This book also will help staff maintain the operational foundation of the long term care industry. The authors call the Federal Long Term Care Regulations the foundation.


About the Author

Nora J Wellington / Nora Wellington, MBA, LNHA, Consultant, is a licensed nursing home administrator with extensive long term care management/executive level experience. Wellington has managed and operated hospital-based subacute/skilled nursing centers, vetilator units, and free standing nursing centers. She is CEO / Founder of N Wellington Associates, a long term care consulting company. She has written two LTC books to help staff prepare for survey as well as perform ongoing monitoring for regulatory compliance.

Alicia A. Creighton-Allen, RN, SCM, LNC, Director of Clinical Services, of N Wellington Associates LLC, has thirty-one years experience as a registered nurse. Creighton-Allen is an Intensive care trained nurse, also trained in critical care telemetry, and comprehensive care manager in disease management. She has served as Utilization Review Nurse, a Telephonic Comprehensive Caer Manager, and a LTC Nurse Manager in free standing facility.


Book:  Long Term Care Monitoting Tools Resident Meal Time and Dining Experience Kitchen and Food Service

"The Long Term Care Monitoring Tools Resident Meal Time and Dining Experience Kitchen and Food Service" is an easy-to-read book and a great tool to help certified nursing assistants, charge nurses, and nurse managers assess residents' meal time. Resident meal time is one of the most important aspects of care surveyors zero in on during certification surveys. The monitoring tools in this book will help the staff guage whether the residents are having a great meal time experience, a good meal time experience, or a not so good meal time experience. The added bonus in this book is that it give a brief overview of the Traditional Survey process, the Quality Indicator Survey process, and Enforcement process. The book also gives needed definitions of important long term care terminilogies that all long term care professionals and staff should know.



These books:

  • Contain easy-to-read and easy-to-follow monitoring tools to assist staffs with ongoing monitoring
  • Stream-line F-Tags for Respective Regulations
  • Stream-line Interpretive Guidelines to Surveyors for Respective Regulations
  • Will boost Quality Assurance documentation and augment facility's Quality Assurance program
  • Will increase staff's knowledge base and comfort level of the F-Tags when used routinely and consistently by staff to do chart audits, and administrative riounds, etc.
  • Will improve staff's communication to physicians, families, and also communication within the interdisciplinary team, when used routinely by staff to audit charts. 


These easy-to-read- and easy-to-follow books will assist facilities with their regulatory compliance program whether the facilities are Traditional Survey facilities or Quality Indicator Survey facilities.